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Denver Deportation Lawyer is Here to Fight for You

Posted in: Immigration on December 22, 2015

A Denver deportation lawyer is necessary to know your rights and legal status.

A Denver deportation lawyer is necessary to know your rights and legal status.

Denver Deportation Lawyer is Here to Fight for You

If you or a loved one is facing removal from the United States, Denver deportation lawyer, Kevin Heupel at Heupel Law, is here to fight for you.

We can help protect your rights during removal proceedings

Even though deportation is not a criminal process, it can be just as scary. You future is at stake. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced Denver deportation lawyer by your side. The proceedings need to be handled correctly or deportation may require you to leave the U.S. and perhaps not be able to return legally in the future. With the help of a Denver deportation lawyer, you can understand the requirements for removal and determine if you qualify for any exceptions that could keep you in the United States.

When a person may be removed

The most common reason for a person being deported is entering the country without inspection. Another is trying to enter the country with fake documents. Also, if you have a valid visa, you may be deported if you violate the terms of the visa. A Denver deportation lawyer can help you with any situation. Especially if you have been convicted of certain crimes, whether a legal resident or not, it is essential to have the services of a Denver deportation lawyer.

Resisting deportation

The government has the burden of showing that you are indeed deportable. Nevertheless, basing your defense solely on the government’s inability to meet this burden is rarely a sound strategy, with or without a Denver deportation lawyer. An experienced Denver deportation lawyer can investigate the availability of affirmative defenses, such as exceptional hardship to a family member, or may attempt to convince the Justice Department to exercise its discretion to withhold deportation. This discretion may also be exercised if other mitigating factors exist.

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